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Being the One

Jan 01, 2021 02:41PM ● By Amber Mc Kenzie
You Have Come Here to Be the One in 2021.

Yeah, yeah…I know it’s a cheesy slogan for the New Year, but it rhymes and I’m sticking with it!

Here’s two reasons why:

1.     If not you, who?
If not now, when?

What does it mean to be the One? It means:

  • Showing up to your life—exactly as it is.
  • Acknowledging the things that are working—and the things that aren’t.
  • Investigating and noticing your shadow aspects and triggers—the fear, hurt, pain, anger, lack, blame and shame that can take over.
  • Affirming the Truth of who you are—the loving, joyful, compassionate, soul-filled, forgiving, free being that is you.
  • Allowing your shadow aspects to guide you out of the lie and into the Truth of inner knowing and inner light.
  • Loving yourself through it all—as though you are your own compassionate parent.
  • Opening your heart to that greater Source of light (God, Universe, Spirit) and asking for clear guidance on your path.
  • Listening for and receiving the powerful answers that are within you which are leading you on your own unique life journey.

How does it feel to be the One? It feels like:

  • Sovereignty. Standing in your full, divine power and authority to be who you have come here to be—without external forces or influences controlling you.
  • Freedom. Being secure in your own mind, body and spirit—and honoring your unique and perfect path in the world.
  • Surrender. Allowing all that is meant to flow to you to flow—without struggle or resistance or force.
  • Humility. Being ‘the One’ may sound self-important or big headed, but that’s separation and the ego talking—your soul knows the Truth. Now is the time to release being trapped within the ego’s rigid limitations and move toward existing within the awe-inspiring expansiveness of the soul.
  • Connection. When we tune in to our Oneness, we realize we are connected to everyone and everything. We are all part of the Oneness and therefore have all come here to be the One.

Years ago, my mentor and friend, Dr. Gary Simmons, had a near-death experience. During his experience, he heard the voice of Spirit telling him it wasn’t his time to go and that there was still much for him to do here. The voice clearly stated, “Gary, you have come here to be the One.” At first, he wasn’t sure what to do with this information, but his spiritual path led him to the answers and the realization that we are each being called by Spirit to be the One unto our own lives. To share our gifts and our unique life journey with those around us.

And so, dear friend, I encourage you to step into your divine, authentic power and commit to being the One in 2021—this is your year to wake up, show up, acknowledge, investigate, affirm, allow, love, open, listen, give and receive all that is meant for you on this journey of 2021-ness.

With love,


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