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The Autoimmune Process

Jan 01, 2021 02:47PM ● By Amber Mc Kenzie

by Pat Dougherty

You don’t just catch an Autoimmune Disease (AID).  AID develops through the Autoimmune Process (AIP) and that can take many years. When tissues are damaged by toxins, the immune system creates antibodies to get rid of the damage. This is an autoimmune reaction, which is the body’s way of cleaning up cellular debris to allow new healthy tissues to develop. Every disease and condition begins with an AIP, but the AIP is an initial phase; not the disease itself. That begets the question, “What causes an AIP?”

Every AID has increased gut permeability, increased inflammation, and increased activity of toxins which may include harmful yeast, bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals and more. Toxins cause tissue damage in the body that must be cleaned up by an autoimmune reaction, the AIP. An ongoing exposure to toxins can overwhelm the autoimmune reaction. The resulting excessive tissue damage can allow harmful particles into the circulatory system, instead of the lymph system. The dead cell debris can contain cell nucleus material called DNA and RNA that came from the original damaged cells. All tissues in the body have DNA and RNA blueprints for reproduction.

The AIP produces auto antibodies to attack the debris, but the body’s healthy cells may also be attacked due to matching DNA and RNA. This is most likely when debris is found circulating in the bloodstream. Worse yet, the debris can infiltrate non-matching tissues and cause an AIP in totally unrelated tissues. The longer the toxic overload is tolerated, the more likely that healthy tissues will be attacked, until a full-blown AID can be diagnosed by the allopathic community (drug and surgery model).

Almost always we have the opportunity to deal with the AIP before it becomes an AID. The way to do that is by searching for the root cause.  Once the root cause is found, we then use holistic therapies to rebuild and rebalance the body. The process can use supplements to distract the immune system from attacking healthy tissues, eliminate the toxins, and heal the gut. This can all be done before an AIP progresses to a diagnosable AID.

Being proactive can save a lot of time, pain, heartache and money. A holistic practitioner can help you accomplish this.

Holistic chiropractor Dr. Pat Dougherty uses muscle testing to evaluate and treats with traditional and contemporary adjustment techniques. He also uses nervous system rehabilitation techniques to ingrain healthy changes in the brain and beyond. His office is located at 2110 N Washington St., Spokane. For more information, call 509-327-4373 or his business cell phone at 509-844-4206. For cash patients there is currently an internet New Patient special of $85 for the initial exam and first treatment. For others, some health insurances accepted.
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