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Kick off the New Year Right with Free Health Consultation

Deborah A. Martinez, M.D., is thrilled to announce the addition of nutrition guidance and education as key components of her complementary therapy offerings. During the month of January, she is offering Natural Awakenings readers a free health evaluation and 15-minute phone or in-person consultation to discuss their health score.

“People are often shocked to learn there are over 900 health issues that can be attributed to nutritional deficiencies,” explains Martinez. “When I really understood this, I knew I needed to incorporate nutrition as an integral way to help people with their health and wellness goals in a way that complements traditional medicine.”

As a result of aging, it is common for people to present with multiple health issues, Martinez explains. “When I reviewed the nutritional causes of disease, it was apparent that I could impact more than one health problem by addressing nutrition and combining it with other therapies,” she says. “The therapies I offer are systemic, meaning they impact and improve the whole body. Even more exciting is that these therapies are synergistic and improve health more effectively when used in combination with one another.”

Martinez invites those seeking to improve their health naturally to take her online health evaluation. “The survey generates an overall health score which allows me to formulate a nutritional plan and track progress,” she explains. “My passion is to help people regain control of their well-being and guide them toward feeling healthy and energetic again—2021 is the perfect time to get started!”

January offer: Free online health evaluation survey and 15-minute consultation for Natural Awakenings readers. Email [email protected] and in the subject write: Health Evaluation Survey-NA. You will receive access to the health evaluation survey and follow-up consultation details. Location: 2020 E. 29th Ave., Ste. 225. For more information, call 509-724-3946 or visit
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