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Scholarship Offers Hope to the Hopeless

Averio Health Institute in Mount Vernon, Washington, is accepting applications for their Health For Our Future scholarship program designed specifically for children in need of intensive regenerative care. The scholarship was started by a patient of Averio Health who had witnessed the incredible recovery of a young woman treated by the institute.

“In February 2020, the 16-year-old patient was pushed through the front doors of our institute. She was wheelchair bound with almost no use of her hands or legs, speaking only in short, clipped, one-word sentences and eating out of a feeding tube looped through her nasal passage,” shares Dr. Michael Carter, one of this patient’s primary care doctors at Averio. “Her previous medical doctors were positive that she was a hopeless case.”

Averio is a chiropractic regenerative medicine facility that provides concentrated care to those who have tried everything else. “It took three weeks of treatment over a period of ten months for this young woman to regain full and normal function of her throat, legs and voice—and to gain improvement in her cognitive function,” shares Dr. Avery N. Martin, another one of her doctors at Averio. “Her brain and nervous system had the potential to heal and when they did, her life quality and function were not far behind.”

As a result of her incredible recovery, the Health For Our Future scholarship program was created. “For successful applicants, the scholarship covers almost all costs for care for the child—including testing, necessary tools and supplementation, as well as care for the primary caregiver,” shares Dr. Sarah Kotlerman of Averio Health Institute. “We look forward to helping more children who have been told their situation is hopeless and to facilitating more stories of recovery and improved health.”

Applications are now open. Email [email protected], attention: Health For Our Future. To learn more about the program, visit or call 360-982-1368.

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