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Energy Extraction Work Explained

by Nona Lowe

Energy extraction is an ancient healing modality that helps to restore vitality. In essence, energy extraction work is energetic and spiritual house cleaning. Going about our day-to-day lives we often come into contact with a variety of people and places. Frequently, we unintentionally pick up negative energies from these various encounters which can make us feel weighed down, moody or slightly “off.”   

Extraction work removes these negative energies from our energetic field, leaving us feeling lighter and more like ourselves. It is similar to dusting the furniture and mopping the floors—it brightens things up. This clearing work can be particularly helpful for healthcare workers and healers, as they often absorb negative, fearful or sad energy from others.

Extraction work can be done by a shamanic practitioner as a stand-alone modality or as a part of a reading or soul retrieval. 

Nona Lowe is the owner of Lifespring Awakening and offers shamanic readings, soul retrieval and energy extractions both in-person and remotely. For more information or to set up a free 30-minute consultation, call 425-791-0413 or visit
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