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Less Plissed, More Blissed

May 01, 2021 05:19PM ● By Amber Mc Kenzie
I don’t want to admit it, but I’m really struggling. In addition to feeling overwhelmed, underslept (not a word but still true), overanxious, under-meditated, stressed and tugged in too many directions, my body is now screaming at me to pull it together. Like, literally. My body—specifically my neck—is screaming at me, quite aggressively in fact, saying, “Amber stop! You can’t shoulder it all!” and I seem to be responding, “Oh yeah? watch me…”

Despite my screaming neck and clenched jaw, I proceed with grit and sheer determination, believing I’m supposed to keep soldiering on. Afterall, that’s what my mom did. Her mom too, and her mom’s mom... Down the maternal (and paternal) line it goes, women shouldering the work both in and outside the home, while raising kids/pets and managing it all with a smile and a sense of, “aren’t I so blessed?” Nope, not blessed! It’s more like plissed—blessed and pissed at the same time. So that’s where I am right now—I’m freaking plissed off!!

My fantastic holistic chiropractor, Dr. Regina Thompson at Presence of Mind Chiropractic, (See page 29) gently suggested that my shoulders are holding “the weight of the world” and my neck is holding onto fear, creating some inflexibility, which I had to admit was a metaphor for exactly how I felt. The body knows and will communicate in whatever way necessary. She also relayed that taking care of my body was a necessary act of love for myself and othersand would allow me to show up more fully for my children and the holistic and spiritual communities I serve and lead. I couldn’t help but agree… But how?!

I spoke at Unity Spiritual Center recently and talked about something that is deeply important to me—spiritual transformation. Researcher Kenneth Parament refers to spiritual transformation as “a fundamental change in the place of the sacred as an object of significance in life, and secondarily to a fundamental change in the pathways the individual takes to the sacred.” So, in any given moment I ask myself, where is this path leading? In living a conscious life, we are constantly offered opportunities to shift from a path toward ego to a pathway to the sacred. The body is one of many ways this guidance is offered. When I stop and listen to my body and honor her as a sacred vessel through which I live this unique and sacred life, my pathway inevitably shifts from fear back to love. When I’m willing to ask for guidance and help—not only from Spirit, but from those around me—I’m able to shift from inflexibility to flow. Are these shifts easy-breezy-beautiful? Nope, but nothing truly transformational ever is. As a matter of fact, real transformation is painful, ugly, dark, uncertain and scary long before it’s beautiful, magical, mystical and transcendent.

I’m not going to lie, my neck and shoulders continue sending sacred messages encouraging me to stop, breathe, tune in and take time for myself, which is creating less plissed and more blissed. I want to challenge you to take some sacred time for yourself this month, as I plan to do. Take some time to read through the May issue of Natural Awakenings featuring women’s health and the necessity of self-care. When you’re done, schedule that massage or facial; hire a weight loss coach or book an aura session; experience reiki, take that free health assessment, try biofeedback or an emotion code session; or schedule your first chiropractic appointment. Allow your body to guide you toward your sacred pathway, and shift from fear to flow and from plissed to blissed…

Namaste and happy May, my friends,


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