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Tripping the Light Fantastic

Luminosity, located at COR Institute in Spokane, is the first business of its kind to offer the revolutionary Lucia N°03 light technology to Spokane and the surrounding community.

“Experience light travel, a deep dive into your mind’s very own unconscious world,” says psychotherapist and Luminosity owner, Antonia Tombari. “Lucia N°03 is a kinetic light device used to achieve ultimate relaxation, expanded states of consciousness, extraordinary neuro-entertainment, and much more.”

The Lucia gently enters the body through frequencies of wide spectrum solid and flickering light, through closed eyes, traveling through the optic nerve to the central part of the brain activating the pineal gland and taking the ‘light traveler’ on a transformative voyage through inner space.

The Lucia light is both stimulating and relaxing, helping the individual release stress, and anxiety; in turn moving energy, clearing blockages, and lighting up the entire system. “Each experience is unique with some people feeling energized and others deeply relaxed,” explains Tombari. “Reported benefits to light travel include wonder, clarity, increased intuition, exultation, increased creativity, inner peace, deep relaxation, access flow state, and nervous system recalibration. Many report having a psychedelic or deeply spiritual experience!”

The effects are cumulative, and a six-session series is recommended to help permanently rewire the brain’s pathways. “However, even just one session can be a profound experience, and will likely stay with the traveler for 24 hours after and beyond,” assures Tombari, who adds that the Lucia N°03 has been reported to have a significantly positive impact for people with both seasonal affective disorder and other types of depression.

Location: 501 S. Bernard, Suite 219 Studio 9, in Spokane. For more information or to schedule a light travel appointment, visit or call 509-309-1530.

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