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Shadow Awakenings

SHADOW WORKSHOP - Q PROCESS: Saturday, February 8 from 8:45 to 3:30 p.m. (with follow up coaching sessions either in person or via zoom). Complete form below to sign up!

Hello, and welcome. My name is Amber McKenzie, and I believe that the life we have right in front of us CAN serve as a trusty guide toward our own inner light and our greatest-highest good in the world. Or, it can serve as a confirmation of our false beliefs, fear and darkness, which is reflected and projected onto the world around us. The choice is ours. 

Your Shadow Welcomes Your Light...
But only if you let it. Are you in the midst of a difficult transition? Perhaps you've experienced a life shake-up - an illness, death, separation, divorce, loss of job, loss of purpose or loss of identity? What if these experiences and your feelings about them are simply trying to get your attention? What if what's happening right now is a necessary part of your life journey, and is here NOW to help wake you up to who and what you have truly come here to be? It's time to stop fighting and start welcoming.

Saturday, February 8 from 8:45 - 3:30 p.m.
with Amber McKenzie and Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons
Location: Unity Spiritual Center, 2900 S. Bernard St., Spokane
Cost: $100 ($50 for current Unity Spiritual Center Members)
  • 95-page workbook
  • Three group debriefing sessions (either in person after Sunday services or via zoom)
  • Optional private Facebook group to build community, share insights, challenges and questions
  • Additional online videos and coaching support 
  • Coffee, water, light breakfast and optional lunch (lunch is an additional $5 love donation)
If you are interested in taking part in February's workshop, please complete the form below. Payment is required to secure your place by February 2, 2020. Amber will contact for additional details.

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