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Natural Awakenings Spokane WA/Coeur d'Alene ID

Shadow Awakenings

 Hello, and welcome. My name is Amber McKenzie, and I am a big fan of life. I fundamentally believe that the life we have right in front of us CAN serve as a trusty guide toward our own inner light and our greatest-highest good in the world. Or, it can serve as a confirmation of our false beliefs, fear and darkness, which is reflected and projected onto the world around us. The choice is ours.

Shadow Work
Thanks to my own life journey, I have found that the shadow qualities I possess - those not-so-pretty parts of myself that block the light within, is where real transformation takes place. That's where the magic happens. And so as a result of the shadow work I have done in my own life, I am passionate and motivated to help others uncover their own light by connecting directly to what "appears" to be holding them back: their shadow.

Your Shadow Welcomes Your Light
But only if you let it. Are you in the midst of a difficult transition? Perhaps you've experienced a life shake-up - an illness, death, separation, divorce, loss of job, loss of purpose or loss of identity? What if these experiences and your feelings about them are simply trying to get your attention? What if what's happening right now is a necessary part of your life journey, and is here NOW to help wake you up to who and what you have truly come here to be? It's time to stop fighting and start welcoming.

If you are interested in befriending your shadow and allowing more of your light to shine through, then let's chat! I offer shadow coaching, including one-on-one, group and online classes and tools to help you work with your shadow. If you are interested in learning more, complete the following form and I'll be in touch.

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